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Virtual World BASIC lets you make big Atari games that take place in a virtual world ten times larger than the Television screen:
Virtual World BASIC Game Development Objects:

  • Playfield camera view to pan about the virtual world.
  • Sprites which you can bind to virtual world pixels (tile mapping).
  • Virtual world collision detection (on screen and off).
  • Design large virtual worlds with ASCII art in your BASIC program, sprite graphics too.
  • The playfield camera view links relationally to the virtual world whenever you change the camera coordinates.
  • fx sound engine - define chip tunes that repeat in the background and for specific game events.

    Compete in the international BASIC 10 liner contest:

    Create a fun game or a scene demo just like back in the days of classic home computing! Winning entries will be published online!

    Kinder-Comp BASIC 10 liner contest site with the rules.
    Submit your entry by MARCH 28, 2016!

    Atari 2600 Tiny BASIC games can look and play even better than machine language games because BASIC allows for more Abstract and creative development, and video games are an art form.

    This programming tutorial shows how easy it is to manipulate the camera, and scroll images and text through the virtual world and the sprites in just a few lines of BASIC.

    Get BASIC in ROM or load BASIC from tape:

    The Atari has switches on the console like the Altair - the one pictured below is equipped with the 4K RAM expansion board to load BASIC from Tape. Likewise, with the 6K RAM expansion board for the Atari you can load BASIC from Tape. You can also put your BASIC programs in ROM for cartridge or emulation play.

    Virtual World BASIC is a 2K Tiny BASIC implementation for the Atari 2600.