The Relational Framework is a SQL Server Web Server, enabling applications of any complexity to be written entirely in SQL and deployed lightning fast to production.

How Powerful is Relational Development?

So powerful we've written the best IDE for SQL Server entirely in SQL: The most powerful Integrated Development Environment for SQL Server is written entirely in SQL

So powerful we've written the best Source Code Control System entirely in SQL:
The best Source Control system for SQL Server can compare production to development, and it's written entirely in SQL

You also get . . .

The following "template apps" (comprised of just a few lines of SQL) are included with the framework for easy boilerplate reuse:
  • A Relational Dashboard
  • Relational Instant Messaging, Blogs and Portals
  • Multi-Database management apps for SQL Server
  • MySQL cluster and instance management applications

    By comparison these apps would all require thousands of lines of code in Java or c#!

    Hybrid Relational/Java-c# development is also possible (but not required, pure SQL development is recommended): White paper, Hybrid development

    New dimensions in mobile development: Running the IDE on your iPhone or Android

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  • Optimized Code Base Management: The Relational Code base (SQL) for a complex web application is a mere fraction the size of a comparable OO codebase; greater design complexity can be achieved because it's easier to manage so much less code.

  • Rival and exceed Desktop apps
  • Build and deploy complex apps faster
  • Java/c# monster code base not required

    Personal Edition:
    Free for personal use, never expires. Try it and see for yourself.
    Get it free right now and start using the best SQL Server tools you can imagine; then start building your own amazing relational apps, entirely in SQL.
    Enterprise Edition:
    Production Server license and full technical support.
  • Product ships electronically the same day
  • Full technical support included

    System Requirements:
    Microsoft SQL Server 2000 through SQL Server 2014. All versions ranging from the free releases (MSDE, SQL Server Light) through the Data Center edition.

    New for 2015! Virtual World BASIC Programming contest:
    The BASIC runtime is written in 6502 Machine Language and features a Relational Database Core for the Atari 2600! The BASIC compiler is written in 100% PowerShell and outputs lightning fast Assembly Language.