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The Relational Framework for Education: "Because of the unlimited client license this product is fantastic for education - an entire classroom of virtually any size can run the IDE. It's perfect for teaching both traditional Database Development and how to remove the impedance mismatch with fully Relational Web Development."
- Dr Maria E. Gray, UC Berkeley

Better performance on 15 year old hardware: "SQL Server is a high performance optimized engine that shares the worlds TPC benchmarks with Oracle - it performs. Relational applications have ACID reliability and run circles around anything else, including desktop applications."
- School of web, September, 2010

"Using the iPhone, Droid or tiny tablet as a really small relational workstation."
- iPhone Applications and Hacks, September, 2010

"Build MySQL Cluster management and web apps on SQL Server, yes on SQL Server!" "It's Freakin Beautiful" ... "the Relational Framework is beautiful, works really fast "
Drupal Web Developers
- Web Architect, February 2009:

"Build Complex Relational Web Applications Entirely in SQL using a Development Environment written in SQL"
- Instrument Engineer, Indonesia, April 2009

"Illustrates building Relational Web Applications in SQL"
- SeCoSe FeCo Web Design, August 2010

2007-2009 Enterprise Pilots, hands on reviews:

"We've been building relational web applications for just about every enterprise need under the sun - MySQL cluster management applications are probably the best in this environment because SQL Servers ACID reliability can be easily leveraged in managing the open source databases (people don't realize it when they pick MySQL but it's not ACID and you're not supposed to use it for critical data)." - Enterprise Pilot, Project Manager

"I use the SchemaSpider IDE for nearly everything I do with SQL Server. It's well named, I can get at any part of the schema and make the edits and changes I need faster than with any other IDE." - Enterprise Pilot, team Developer

"The Framework also came with a SQL Server Database Compare utility - this works just like RedGates premiere database tool in that you point it at any two SQL Servers (like production and development) and it drills in and pinpoints any breaks in the schema elements or code. You can even drill down and see just where the code was changed. What was really amazing was that the code for this application was just a few paragraphs of SQL instead of the megabytes of code I was expecting! " - Enterprise Pilot II, team lead

"It's amazing to see what can be done with just SQL. And when it comes to hybrid applications the framework also delivers - we were building a .net application and couldn't find the right server control. Using the framework our developers built the missing control in SQL (relational control) in a fraction of the time. " - Enterprise Pilot II, Project Manager

The Relational Framework (SQL Server Web Server) is in use all over the world powering the most RAD relational web applications from wallstreet to small businesses with geographically distributed SQL Servers, and the comprehensive SQL Server IDE and Souce Code Control System are used everywhere to turbocharge traditional SQL Server development tasks.