Game Loader Commodore 64 Atari 2600 Emulator Benchmark Testing

Latest Development Updates here Top row shows early builds of the emulator with KC losing Memory, screen tearing in BLITZ, stuck sprites in BREAKOUT 2000 and Defender III freezing and crashing into the Commodore BASIC ROM
Middle row: Improved builds and benchmarks.
Bottom row: Atari 2600 cycle exact program comparisons

Emulator Performance Testing and Benchmarking Methodology:
Only high performance Atari 2600 games using a soft ANTIC blitter chip to push the Atari 2600 in the Atari demo scene are being used for testing 1 Mhz emulation on 1 Mhz target platform to illustrate the innovative source technologies at play: The C64 must race the beam like an Atari and run two Game loops at 60 times per second while translating the hardware registers to emulate Atari 2600 architecture and it must also emulate the soft ANTIC blitter chip driving these advanced Atari games!
Gameloader adds Fantastic Commodore Graphics to Atari games too: The emu is not only emulating at 1:1 cycle perfect transition it's putting fantastic Commodore graphics on the Atari games just like the vaporware Game Loader in the ad only this time it's real.

The PETSCII video in the middle row shows the emulators additional features to animate Commodore graphics on Atari games!

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