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RelationalFramework is subsidized by Microsoft Corporation for Technology Innovation:

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RelationalFramework leverages advanced technology for the iPhone that bypasses the Apple App store ranging from SQL Server IDE's to Embedded Databases in Mobile Gaming Technology.

The SQL Server IDE is a web IDE for SQL Server that your Enterprise can access from anywhere as a cloud service (or from a secure Enterprise server), it's written entirely in T-SQL, and it's components can be reused to create distributed SQL Server applications for your business with virtually infinite scalability.

SQL Server hands-on Academic example illustrating an XML Parser written as a Stored Procedure for SQL Server with calling examples, ouput grids and the Stored Procedure code.
The old product site for the IDE is still available here for ordering Enterprise licenses with product history, details and white papers.

The genuine Atari 2600 video games feature the worlds smallest embedded database, try them on your iPhone and play them anywhere via the browser.

Vaporware Technology made real demo: